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Sustainability Showcase

Come and check out the various efforts from these passionate folks to encourage and inspire a more sustainability way of life!

Lazarus Sea Sports Centre

offers a range of non-motorised water activities, such as stand-up paddling, kayaking and first-in-Singapore floating yoga boards for visitors to engage in, amid the scenic waters of the Southern Islands. Large groups may also consider their group kayaking tours for community building events. The centre’s operations also keep the island’s natural environment in mind, such as the use of a single designated launching zone for all watercrafts, which ensures minimal impact on the area’s seabed.

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Unlitter our world and track the positive impact we collectively make!

Approximately 33% of global waste produced each year ends up improperly disposed of and Stridy is here to change that. Stridy aims to completely remove litter from our communities while having as much fun as possible. Stridy believes that every individual’s contribution makes a difference. With the collective efforts of Striders all around, together, we can create a happier, healthier and cleaner future for our world.

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MoNo Champions Sustainability. advocate sustainability practices to individual, companies, and ministries, while being self-sustainable. They live, breathe, work on championing sustainability. aims to change consumer mindsets on foods past their best before dates that are still safe for consumption. diverts food from the bin or incinerator by redistributing them to a community that believes in reducing food waste.

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Plastify is a community-based hub for plastic recycling and education. They recycle plastic waste into reusable goods and hold educational workshops revolving around plastic awareness and recycling. Plastify offers educational, turnkey solutions to manage your plastic waste.


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