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Race Updates

We will post live updates (example: changes due to weather, race starts, etc ) via Facebook. Follow us here.

Race Rules & Race Course

Rules of racing

& race course

Please take a few minutes to read through the race rules here.

View the race courses on this page.

Boat/Board Loan

OC1/ Surfski/ V1/ Standup Paddle Board

If you want to take part in a single craft race, and require boat/board loan, please contact the race organiser before registration (

There will be a fee for boat/board loan. Unless otherwise requested by boat lessor, fee for short/long course is SGD50/100. Please pay in cash when collecting the boat/board on race day.

There will also be a refundable deposit of SGD200 due upon collection.


Personal Flotation Device

It is mandatory to wear a PFD during all races (buoyancy devices to meet or exceed US Coast Guard safety standard for Type III PFD incl. inflatable or waist PFDs).
- All OC6 will be fitted with life vests, but crews can choose to use their own.
- All single craft race participants must bring their own PFD, wear a leg leash and hi-viz clothing (shirt and/or cap) during the race(s).

Please note that it is mandatory for steers (or a crew representative) to attend the race briefing (race course & safety) on 1st Nov at 7pm.

Venue: Lime House, 2 Jiak Chuan Road.

Training for overseas crew: contact to register