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Check out the amazing lineup of paddling experts offering clinics at this year's SOC! Grab these rare opportunities to learn from the best!
For details on schedule, available timeslots, fees, and how to reserve your place, please click on the respective links below.


28th Nov - 2nd Dec 2022

Tupuria King - NZ

Do you find yourself overthinking through a long-distance race about technique and how to sustain energy and maintain the most efficient rate? Stroke into a strong headwind is long and strong, and you can feel and successfully ride waves in this condition. King's training clinics will help increase your knowledge and provide comfort whilst you are out on the moana.

King has competed professionally since 2012, both nationally and internationally, frequently racing and training with other top paddlers in Tahiti, and most recently at the International Va'a World Sprint Championships in London, UK - coaching the winning NZ team. More about King here.


1st Dec 2022

Daniel Hasulyo - Hungary

One of the pioneers in the ever growing Stand-Up Paddling community, pro athlete Daniel Hasulyo has won several world championships and at the 2018 & 2019 Singapore Ocean Cup long distance SUP race. As a Starboard SUP ambassador he is also involved in the innovation of SUP equipment.

At his clinics he will teach long distance and sprint SUP paddling techniques, race strategies and more. He will assess your paddling and show you where you can improve - tailored to your paddling goals.

Daniel will run his clinics out of Aloha Sea Sports Centre (East Coast) - details TBC and will be shared soon.

Coming Soon

30th Nov - 2nd Dec 2022

Jim Foti - Hawaii

If you have been thinking about learning to steer or wanting to improve your steering technique this is your chance to learn from one of the masters!

Each 2-hour workshop is for 5 paddlers + Jim (or his wife) and include 50 mins of land discussion with the rest of the time on the water. Cost: SGD200 per person

Jim will also be hosting a steering seminar discussing the subtle dynamics of steering in the big ocean and surfing waves followed by Q&A. Cost: $50 per person (Free for those who have registered for the 2-hour workshop.)

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