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Every year we welcome an amazing lineup of paddling experts who offer clinics at SOC! These are amazing opportunities to learn from the best paddlers from all over the world!
Details on this year's clinic leaders, available timeslots, fees, and how to reserve your place can be found below.


Tupuria King - NZ

Do you find yourself overthinking through a long-distance race about technique and how to sustain energy and maintain the most efficient rate? Stroke into a strong headwind is long and strong, and you can feel and successfully ride waves in this condition. King's training clinics will help increase your knowledge and provide comfort whilst you are out on the moana.

King has competed professionally since 2012, both nationally and internationally, frequently racing and training with other top paddlers in Tahiti, and most recently at the International Va'a World Sprint Championships in London, UK - coaching the winning NZ team. More about King here.

Register for a clinic with Tupu here.


Corrina Gage - NZ

Corrina will be coaching again in Singapore from Friday 13 October – Friday 20 October.
We’ll do a mix of off-water and on-water work to do a comprehensive analysis of your stroke. Then we’ll work on correcting the mechanics of your stroke relative to your paddling goals. You choose the focus for your session.

Find out more about registering for a clinic with Corrina here.

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